Buy repairable vehicles direct from the insurance companies

Where do they all go? Most of the badly damaged vehicles end up as a pile of scrap metal once they hit the car yards. You’d be surprised that some are actually not damaged that severely, but state laws (which can vary from state to state), mandate that insurance companies must declare these vehicles a total loss if the level of damage is to a certain level. They are then sold onto automotive dealers where some are dismantled for parts, while others are fully repaired.

In a lot of cases, many of these vehicles are theft recovers, yet there are many reasons why insurance companies may decide to destroy the car. Our company specialises in the sale of cars, trucks, SUV’s, boats, motorcycles & other vehicles that only have a limited amount of damage. We don’t unfortunately sell vehicles that are severely damage that may require significant professional repair work.

We work with some of the country’s largest insurance salvage liquidation companies to bring opportunities to the general public to purchase these vehicles at the same prices that dealers pay. Contact us today to find out more.